About Us

Our Vision

At Pneuma Christian Center, our Vision is to preach and teach the Word of God with clarity, so that we may experience the life-changing power of God, and affect the lives of those around us, removing them from disappointments and failures of life, giving them hope… for a better tomorrow. We are a Bible believing, Bible teaching, non-denominational Church located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. PCC consists of a multi-cultural environment where the Word of God is preached in its entirety and the Holy Spirit has free course. Our dynamic Praise and Worship coupled with instructional Biblical teaching create an atmosphere where all are welcome to worship.

Pneuma Christian Center was founded by Dr. RJ & Pastor Beverly McCowan and incorporated in 1996. In the early years, services were held in hotel banquet rooms and a former dance studio. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Dr. RJ began the building project with 70 members and only $65,000 in the bank. God spoke to him and sai, “I have anointed you to build.” On October 24, 2004, we walked in our new facility… Debt Free! The building has an estimated value of over $3 million dollars. Since the completion of the first phase, we are now in the process of adding more offices and three additional buildings.

Our Pastors

Dr. RJ McCowan

RJ McCowan often speaks of his personal supernatural encounters with God. The first one at age 12, then at 17. At age 23 was the strongest visitation of all, and gave validity to his call to ministry. He was ordained a Minister of The Gospel 4 years later. While reading his Bible one evening, sitting in the front room (of their then two bedroom duplex), The Lord personally visited him and called him to be a “Prophet of God.” Sometime later, The Lord gave him the foundation of his call to ministry – [Revelation from Heaven: “You are called to be an Intercessor, your life will consist of prayer, fasting, and personal studies with Me. You will instruct, rebuke, and reprove.] Using TV, radio, & tape ministry as a means of preaching The Gospel, he was later instructed to “think global using technology.” In 1996, RJ McCowan was instructed by God to establish Pneuma Christian Center. He received an Honorary Doctorate from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, FL, and now many are acknowledging the Apostolic anointing on his life and ministry. Dr. RJ is a member of Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association, under the leadership of Dr. Creflo Dollar Jr. He and his wife Beverly, for nearly 40 years, reside in Chattanooga, TN with one daughter, Kilzma McCowan Brown, his son-in-law Ivan Brown, and two granddaughters, Reagyn and Lacye Brown.

Pastor Beverly McCowan

Pastor Beverly Lacy McCowan is the wife of Dr. R.J. McCowan for over 30 years. She is a native of Chattanooga, TN. Pastor Beverly is known in her congregation for her one-on-one personal words of encouragement that bring hope and guidance for everyday life. She often reminds people to “Stay Open” to the Word of God and the plan that God has for their life. Pastor Beverly’s entrepreneurial spirit contains many facets, such as her own unique interior designs, which are exhibited throughout the ministry’s facilities. She is widely known for her tasteful décor and opulent colors. The Oasis Bookstore exemplifies and displays her “out-of-the-box” thinking. Pastor Beverly resides in Chattanooga, TN and serves in full-time ministry with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters



Ministers Ivan & Kilzma Brown

Minister Kilzma McCowan Brown is the only child of Dr. RJ and Pastor Beverly McCowan. She began to assist in the ministry at the tender age of 15. In 2005, she married Minister Ivan Brown from the Washington, DC area. Since then, both Kilzma and Ivan serve in the ministry as Executive Directors of Pneuma Christian Center. Together, they oversee the Singles Ministry, encouraging others with their testimony of waiting on a Godly mate. They also oversee L.I.F.E. Young Adult Ministry and H.E.A.T. Teen Ministry.  The couple also teaches Keys to Canaan, Pneuma’s Personal Finance & Life Skills class. They are the delighted parents of 2 daughters, Reagyn and Lacye Brown.